The Porch (2021):
As close as architecture can bring us to nature, the porch is where we can learn to contemplate anew our evolving place in a changing world—a space we need now more than ever.
Slab City (2018): An architect and a photographer explore a community of squatters, artists, snowbirds, migrants, and survivalists inhabiting a former military base in the California desert.
Design/Build with Jersey Devil (2016): Explores the process and pedagogy of designing and building through the experiences of Jim Adamson, Steve Badanes, and John Ringel.
Spoil Island (2013): Is there an allure of spoiled places? Spoil islands are overlooked places that combine dirt with paradise and wildness with human intervention.
Camps (2009): The ubiquity and diversity of camps calls for a guidebook that examines the space and idea of camp as a defining dimension of 21st-century life.
Campsite (2008): Camping is perhaps the quintessential American activity. In one sense, we camp to escape, to retreat, to “find” ourselves. The camp is then a home-away-from-home where we might rethink a deliberate life. We also camp to find a new collective space where family and society converge.