The Porch — new book from University of Chicago Press, first pages here
Booklet from Spring 2023 Design/Build Project with Rawlings Elementary
Booklet from Spring 2022 Design/Build Project with Rawlings Elementary and UF students (co-led with Elizabeth Cronin)
Art Horses, Desk/Stage, and Garden Classroom projects at Rawlings Elementary with Elizabeth Cronin and Design 8 students (Spring 2022)
Residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts (Spring 2021): More information and applications are available here.
Fish Camp (Spring 2020): Rediscovering fish camps in Florida for an article in FORUM magazine (photos by Aidan Hailey). Focused on Stegbone’s Fish Camp in Welaka, Florida (thanks to Jim Stege). “We sit on rough-hewn benches, the river boils and swirls, the campfire flickers, and I listen. He tells me about the day he spent fishing a camper’s dentures out from under the docks….”
Duke’s Castle (Spring 2020): Research and writing about Duke of Castelluccio’s (also known as Ercole Tamajo’s) house along the Indian River. (Department of Commerce, State Archives of Florida, 1967)
Named to Fulbright Specialist Roster for 2023 through 2026. Host institution applications here.
Design/build project with Yeditepe University and x-change unit in Istanbul (June 2022)
Excerpt from The Porch in The Architect’s Newspaper (image: Winslow Homer, Red Shirt, Homosassa, Florida, 1904)
Conversation with From Florida Podcast about The Porch
Review of The Porch in Guernica by Daegan Miller (June 2021)
Essay for Holt Smithson Foundation on Robert Smithson’s Island of Broken Glass. This writing connects to earlier spoil island investigations.
Essay “Camping off the grid in the grid” for PUBLIC 61: Currencies of Hospitality, edited by Sylvie Fortin
Scrim studies on Homosassa porch (2019-current)
The Porch named Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Reviews
Public lecture at Aura Istanbul (June 9, 2022)
Porch without a house Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency 180 (Feb/March 2021)
A Case for the Porch essay in Orion (Aidan Hailey photo)
Architectures of Hospitality, panel discussion with Irina Aristarkhova and Sara Swain, moderated by Sylvie Fortin, March 9, 2021.
Presentation with Donovan Wylie on Slab City for Imagining Futures as a part of the Common Ground Research Media Lab Speaker Series (February 2021)
Porch Sketches (2019): Wandering line drawings from the porch in Homosassa.
Natchez Beach Pavilion Renovation (Spring 2020): Architectural work with Jim Adamson of Jersey Devil to prepare drawings for the renovation of the Natchez Street Beach Pavilion in Seaside, Florida. The project focuses on the ocean-side segments of the boardwalk, previously damaged by hurricanes.
The Porch named Notable Book in Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Awards
The Porch reviewed in Architect Magazine
Book talk hosted by The Greenhouse: Environmental Humanities Research Group
Thirteen Tactics for Teaching Poetry as Architecture,” co-authored with Marsha Bryant, published in Humanities journal
Another Final Frontier Collaboration with Shona Kitchen and Aly Ogasian. Governors Island (Summer 2021) and Grey Island (Spring 2020) to understand how to occupy spoil islands in general and a Mosquito Lagoon dredge island in particular. Site installation included a geodesic dome, and a concurrent exhibit at Atlantic Center for the Arts.
Continuing studies of a porch on the river along the coast.
“Making with Repurpose” (Spring 2020): Article co-written with Donna Cohen and DK Osseo-Asare for the European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes Vol.2, no.2. “This project rethinks architectural work in the context of waste. Fourth-year students
designed and built a mobile maker-space at the Repurpose Project, a last stop for cast-off
materials before the landfill…”