Muir’s Rest

On October 23, 1867, naturalist John Muir wrote: “Today, I reached the sea!” With these words, Muir concluded his thousand-mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico here in Cedar Key. 150 years later, to the day, fifteen architecture students from the University of Florida completed this project to commemorate Muir’s journey and his legacies.

On his journey, Muir carried a tin cup, bread, a journal, and his walking stick. These artifacts inspired the project’s design, and the cedar wood constructions provide places to drink, eat, read, write, and tell stories of past and future explorations.

Muir wrote: “Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world,” and this project is meant as a resting area, an outdoor room among the pines where members of the community can gather to recollect Muir’s legacy, share their own adventures, and talk about what this place means now.

In a sense, this modest construction awaits Muir’s return and, in the meantime, offers a resting place for all those who also feel the breeze, watch the birds, and smell the sea.

This project was designed and built in Fall 2017 by the Advanced Graduate 3 Design Studio in the School of Architecture at the University of Florida. Participants included: Students:

Erum Ahmed, Kristel Bataku, Arjeta Boshti, Ana B Cordero, Wesley E Davis, Kirsten K Evans, Ezekiel James T Fairbanks, Jerry Hong, Jamie L Marchini, Bethany L Mayhew, Samuel H Miller, Elijah Saddiq Muhammad, Audrey E Reinisch, Rachel C Vuchinich, Jiali Wang; Visiting Professors: Sami Rintala and Philip Tidwell; and Professor Charlie Hailey. The studio thanks Sue Colson, Frank Offerle, Maria Sgambati, the Sierra Club of Florida, Rick Cooke, the Ivan Smith Foundation, and the community of Cedar Key.