Upcoming Residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts (Spring 2021): More information and applications are available here.
Fish Camp (Spring 2020): Rediscovering fish camps in Florida for an article in FORUM magazine (photos by Aidan Hailey). Focused on Stegbone’s Fish Camp in Welaka, Florida (thanks to Jim Stege). “We sit on rough-hewn benches, the river boils and swirls, the campfire flickers, and I listen. He tells me about the day he spent fishing a camper’s dentures out from under the docks….”
The Porch: Meditations from the Edge of Nature (Spring 2021): New book forthcoming from University of Chicago Press.
Duke’s Castle (Spring 2020): Research and writing about Duke of Castelluccio’s (also known as Ercole Tamajo’s) house along the Indian River. (Department of Commerce, State Archives of Florida, 1967)
Porch Sketches (2019): Wandering line drawings from the porch in Homosassa.
Natchez Beach Pavilion Renovation (Spring 2020): Architectural work with Jim Adamson of Jersey Devil to prepare drawings for the renovation of the Natchez Street Beach Pavilion in Seaside, Florida. The project focuses on the ocean-side segments of the boardwalk, previously damaged by hurricanes.
Another Final Frontier (Spring 2020): Collaboration with Shona Kitchen and Aly Ogasian to understand how to occupy spoil islands in general and a Mosquito Lagoon dredge island in particular. Site installation included a geodesic dome, and a concurrent exhibit at Atlantic Center for the Arts.